Steam is Offline when is Online [SOLVED]

Due no one is answering me via Steam discussions, im moving my problem here

Everytime i start the game, it says Steam Offline and i dont have my status Offline.

I tried the things:

  • Restart Steam
  • Verify Cache
  • Reinstall the game

They didint worked, someone knows something? Please, i cant live with this, i want to play Tower Unite

Also, from what TechPortal said: After restarting after the re-install it worked.
That didint worked for me

Have you tried restarting your computer?

Sorry, that didint helped

Did it work sometime before?

Do you manage your own network/know of any blocking firewall configurations?

It was working before

Actually, i found the fix.

First, i was having a little problem on GTA V, but doing this fix, this now fixed Tower Unite

Link for the thing i found:

Method used: 1

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Didn’t work for me :frowning: