Steam Inventory/Trading Risk Of Scamming

If they use steam inventory and steam trading isn’t there a large risk of scamming, and the devs can’t do anything about it but contact steam?

Scamming is something that happens in almost any Online Game. There is nothing much you can really do to combat it other than being a defensive user and trying to spot scams before you end up trading items.

Yeah but before is someone got scammed on GMTower, you could report it to an admin/dev and say you got scammed and they could quickly fix it up.

However, with Tower Unite, there is no central command any more. Server Owners won’t be able to access your Steam Inventory, and I highly doubt that Steam Support would do anything about it. If anything, being able to report people for spamming would help, but I don’t see anyway action could be taken against users.

The best advice I could simply give is just “Don’t be scammed.”

Yeah, its unfortunate.

Steam Support actually won’t give you your items back anymore if you got scammed because people exploited it to dupe items like AWP Dragon Lores and knives in CS:GO

Pretty much. People are shitbags…

Just don’t trade unless you have known the person for at least a month. And even then, think why you would even need to trade? Is there even any point?

If someone sends you a link on Steam, triple-check the URL and if there’s any reasonable doubt, don’t click it.

If you do click on it and it tries to download something, don’t download it.

Common Sense.

Be smart with your Steam account and nothing will happen.

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Will there be a mobile authorization thing for TU? I’m just worried about hackers making servers with scripts to have bots steal your items.

Well steam is handling the items and stuff, so no that won’t really be an issue.

Just use Steam’s Mobile Authentication.