Steam Grid icon

It’s not great, but I made a quick icon for the Steam Grid view.

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Nice work! However, we have official icon implemented, just for some reason it’s not showing up in grid view at the moment. It does in detail view though(?)

The icon also showed during my download, as shown below. I really like it!

I’m working on a couple grid icons. Soon I’m gonna let you guys vote and see which one you like because it’s really hard to encapsulate everything that Tower Unite is in an image.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:


Do I smell a community poll? :smiley:

I love that one you just posted, though. Perfect, really.

Here’s another one I did and we dropped the text.

If you’re keeping the text, I personally prefer the one with “relax”, since that’s an essential characteristic and it removes a lot of the empty space.


I agree 100% with this. Either do ‘Play / Connect / Relax’ or no text at all.

I personally prefer the first one with no text as the Steam Grid/Profile Icon. If you could have a different banner for the store-front section, I would put the Play / Connect / Relax on there.


If this is possible, this is the best plan of action.

I think the play / connect / relax would work much better just because you’d have less space between the foarward slash and the words. The spacing between them is rather odd when the kerning between the letters is so tight.