Steam emotes and backgrounds with trading card update?

I think this would be a cool idea to have a few emotes or a background with the eventual trading card update. Maybe a catsack emote or ball race emotes or something along the lines would be cool, and a few picturesque backgrounds of the plaza or a few of the maps would be a cool edition too. Not expecting this now, of course, but would be cool stuff to have in the future.

already planned in the near future along with backgrounds

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Neither of those links says anything about emotes or backgrounds

not sure where to start looking for these, but there’s been WIP art of the steam backgrounds in dev logs, and wheezwer was talking about making emotes for the game on the discord server a while back


I’m not part of the discord, so I wouldn’t know about that part but I do read every devlog. I must’ve forgotten.

that is why i linked the exact devlog that wheezwer was showing it lol

unless the pictures underneath aren‘t suppose to be backgrounds

It says “Trading Card Progress” so I just assumed that was art for the trading cards