Steam Early Access doubt

I’m a donor (I donated $15) and I’ll get a Steam Early Access key, but I’ve got a question. Having the Early Access, I don’t need to buy again the game, right? I ask this because it’s something I’m thinking a lot.

Thanks. :smile:

Early Access will automatically upgrade to the full game, as with any other Early Access game on Steam.

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Just to 100% clarify, anyone who has the Alpha Steam Access will also be upgraded to the Early Access and the Full Game automatically.

Basically, once you have it on Steam, you have the latest version forever.


Ok thanks, @macdguy and @CarbonCopyCat for the answer. I really appreciate it ^^

Just out of curiosity, have you never bought an Early Access game before?

Yeah, but that game is actually in Early Access state (Black Mesa), so I don’t know too much about Early Access.

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