Steam Community hub?

Is there going to be a community hub for TU’s alpha? Trying to go there just brings you to the store page. (Try it here: I guess it would make sense if we did, all other Steam games seem to have a place where they can share content for everyone to see, and considering that TU is a game about players and player-made content, why not have a place where we can all share it?

I’d assumed that community hubs are automatically created for all Steam games. I’d bet that once TU goes into Early Access and actually starts being sold on Steam that it would get a community hub with it.

There probably won’t be as the game needs to be made available to the public which TU won’t be until March/April 2016. Also as the game is no where near finished, I doubt PixelTail would want to have a community hub at this stage.

The reason there’s currently not a hub, is that the TU Private Alpha is an unlisted Steam app. This means it can’t be searched for, found on the store pages, etc. It’s commonly used for private alphas and whatnot.

A hub will be automatically created when TU become public, or at least gets a store page.


Oh, ok, that makes sense.