Steam Alpha for Backers Released!

Hey everyone, got some great news for backers today.

Two things are happening today. We’re releasing our first Steam alpha AND our new backer reward panel.

Backer Reward Panel

We're ready to start rolling out our new backer panel. We've started to send out emails to all our of Indiegogo backers, so check your email soon. Keep in mind it'll take some time as we have lots of emails to send.

In the email we sent, we included a unique backer access key that will let you into our new backer reward panel. Do not give out this key to anyone as it gives you access to your Steam retail keys and other sensitive personal information. In the future, this backer panel will also be the only way to redeem your digital rewards.

The backer-only panel is available at:

If you were not sent an email within 24 hours of this post, you can head to that page and ask for a resend.

The keys you were sent before are no longer valid and will not work.

Steam Alpha

Once you've got access to the panel, you'll find your Steam alpha keys within in it (if you qualified for alpha access).

With your Steam key, follow the Steam help article to add it to your Steam account.

If you got multiple Steam keys (due to Partner or Party Gamer tiers), you can send your friends those Steam keys to register to their Steam accounts.

Steam keys are one time use only and we cannot give you more! So be extra careful with them!

In it’s current state, the Steam alpha is available for Windows 64-bit computers only.

If you encounter bugs or have issues, we urge you to report bugs and ask questions on our community forums.

Once again, thank you all for making this possible!

Indiegogo Announcement:

If you feel your backer rewards are not correct with what you donated, please email us at contact at

A full list of changes can be viewed on our Trello:


Thanks ya guys
turns out third time really is the charm



Yus! Refresh spam incoming.

Now let’s wait for the email

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apple you get a new email with a key
(I still haven’t got mine so just be patient)

come on @apple

So far about 250 emails have been sent.

A new acess key will be sent to your email soon. That key is the one used to acess the new email.

Also congratulations devs! I’m pretty glad that this has finally hit Steam, since its not only good for you guys to push updates, but also for everyone else who follows the game! Thank you!

Got mine!



Does it work?

I can happily say I’ve redeemed it on Steam. Thanks Mac <3<3<3

I redeemed it on Steam as well, time to wait for download

im here just breaking my F5 button.

Also got mine! It’s working fine and it’s downloading to steam already.

In case someone gets an invalid warning, check if you haven’t copied an extra space. It’s happening to quite a few people.

Got my key! Redeeming it now.

I still don’t have mine Rip

1,623 emails have been sent.