Staying in a single condo room for almost 3 hours

Yep, that title is correct. Warning, wall of text inbound!

Yesterday evening, I was having fun in my condo with a friend (named Icy Coba) when two other people decided to join it. After hanging out on the beach for 5 minutes, we decided to go into my bedroom upstairs. At the moment it is basically the only room with full furniture so far. Icy Coba put on a terrible video on the TV and when one of the newly joined people wanted to go, I blocked his way with a table. Yes, I blocked the door with a black coffee table, preventing anyone from entering or leaving the room. The guy didn’t seem to care that he is now locked in that room, and so we decided to watch TV for a while.

So we stood there in that room, putting on video after video, cringe after comedy sketch, without any of us leaving the room. Eventually, some people would join my condo and ask if they could get into that room but it was tricky to do since some people would always try to leave. We were about 4 people that wouldn’t leave the room. And why would we? We had a monitor for music, a TV for cancer videos, a few interactable lamps, a drumset, and an electrical keyboard. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to keep us in that room for 3 hours.

About 30 minutes in, another guy joined and wanted to participate. We were 4 people at that point. Then we decided to make this a competition: Whoever would stay in that room the longest, would get a canvas for themselves in my condo. We played terrible videos and music all the time, the TV was never not playing something. The first guy left after 1.5 hours or so. My friend Icy Coba eventually left after 2.5 hours because he was too tired, and I gave in after a while too, so both of the remaining people got their own canvas.


THE CLOSET (with drumset and electrical keyboard on the other side of the room)

That is the story how I spent almost 3 hours in a single condo room. Never do that, please.


Nice story, what did they pick for the canvas?

They didn’t pick them, I designed them. They say ‘Winner’.

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Can we see them? :smile:

they look shit so I’d rather not :flushed:

Better than those messed up fanfictions on deviantart.

127 Hours Condo edition :mountain:

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