Statistics of all kinds - Playcount etc

Basically the title. How about a list where people can see how much of a nolifer they are? Maybe the count of how often they played a gamemode and so on? I kinda had the following idea…


Registers as follows

And then for general stuff like

  • Playtime
  • Units earned
  • Units spent
  • Launched game xxx times
  • Current session time
  • etc.

Minigolf and others

  • Holes/Courses played
  • Best score
  • Players killed
  • Players infected
  • Orbs captured/stolen
  • Best times for all courses
  • Melons collected
  • etc.

You catch my drift, but yeah, that would be quite nice of an addition in my opinion.


I’d love to see all the countless hours I’ve wasted in Minigolf.