Statistics menu to show player statistics

The ability to see statistics such as levels, play time, play time per activity, total units earned, total units spent, where and how much they spent per store, how much they spent per item category, how much they earned by source of income, etc.

This would be useful for the player themselves, as right now there is no way to check your own statistics, and to check the statistics of others if you are interested in that.

There’s a stats menu in the Collection Book (press B to open) where you can view your own stats. I don’t think you can check others’ stats yet, though.

mmm that only shows achievement progression. Not your “skill” progression. It won’t tell me what rank I am in casino, or x minigame

It has tabs you can select from on the left. ‘Badges’ will show you your rank.

-_- my god am I blind

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