StarFox Trophy Owners

I was just wondering if people that own the StarFox trophy like myself will get Units in return from it in Tower Unite and how would this work considering rarity of the item.

I’m pretty sure i saw this asked somewhere but im not sure. I don’t recall it ever being answered.

Please don’t hate :3

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Well, if the achievement is not in Tower Unite, then it will be turned into units. Considering the StarFox trophy is quite rare, I’m sure you’ll receive quite a few units if they’re not bringing it over.

StarFox = Nintendo’s property
Even if they were going to put stuff from other games in, it’s nintendo here, they’re just going to get that taken down. You’ll probably get money for it.

Yeah thats why i asked. I know for a fact that it is getting removed. Just wondering what we would get in return

Can someone explain why it’s okay to have StarFox in Garry’s Mod and not Tower Unite, then?

I’m sure copyrighted material will eventually end up on the TU workshop anyway.

Nothing is getting sold in GMTower, and no profit is made (I assume). TU is going to be $15, and presumably pixeltail will be profiting from it. If it gets modded in, the mod is getting given away for free- no one profits from it. In the end, it basically comes down to this:
Is someone making money off my copyrighted stuff?
Yes: Sue them
No: Let them be/Take it down

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Yet, I was referring more in response to Garry’s Mod, which is still for sale and has a workshop littered with copyrighted material.

Someone made a mod, and put it up on Steam Workshop. Garry’s Mod isn’t responsible for the copyright infringement its users decide to do, and put into their game.

So, by logic, wouldnt TU share the same exemption?

Yes. If someone made a mod for Tower Unite that brought back in a Starfox Trophy, it would be fine, since Pixeltail didn’t create the mod and package it, and sell it as part of their game.

I see no reason why the community can’t make this happen, then, if the trophy really means that much :stuck_out_tongue:

They can. Pixeltail can’t.

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I have a StarFox trophy and I’m fine with it being converted to units.
In-game you can’t actually sell the trophy.

How would it be converted? It’s not worth anything


IIRC they said achievements and achievement rewards that can’t be carried over, would net you a Unit reward when you convert your GMTower account. I’ll grab a quote when I find it.

The developers have no control over what modders do to their game, so they can’t be held responsible if someone makes stuff that breaks copyright. If the do include something that breaks copyright and then sell it, they are making money of someone else’s IP. The reason you can do this is GMod is 1. The content is free and 2. It’s not made by people for profit.

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Another thing which I think makes it fine to add as a community-made mod is the fact that it is an unofficial modification, not an official stock addition to the game. But mostly it’s the fact that no profit is being made of it.

StarFox trophy replaced with furry fetish fox trophy confirmed.


Its priceless thats the point. so it should be worth a lot

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