Stamina Bar?

No man can run forever…

I mean in the Lobby, not a good idea, people have to get around and not being able to run fast will be annoying and unnecessary.
In other gamemodes like PVP battle, maybe, but you’ll need an argument as to why that should be added.

Not for Slaughterday Night Live.
It is supposed to be fast paced and over the top like Jaykin Bacon.

I personally don’t like stamina bars.

Video games to me have always been about answering the question: “what can you do in this virtual world that you can’t do in real life?”

I feel that stamina is a cheap tactic to balance having fast player movement then slowly taking it away so there’s a “balanced gameplay” when really it just annoys.

I apologize for having such a critical view on it - but ultimately I feel that it doesn’t really add much to video games, but takes away. The only time I would allow it is if the game had a rich story and the stamina was there to explain why the character can’t always run.