Staff-Player mini game interactions

Often when I see pixeltail staff jump on the top plaza, there tends to be a lot of one-sided conversation or antisocial behavior such as devs being afk the whole time, to me, this is a missed opportunity for players to have fun. What we have now encourages toxic behaviors like players demanding attention, even going as far as disrespecting our staff, this means some new players will likely feel put off from the game, I remember feeling this way myself. I didn’t enjoy it.

I didn’t enjoy it because as myself (an average player) look up to the devs and I believe they have created an awesome platform for the community to play on and roam about. so of course I want to socialize with those I look up to, regardless if it’s talking or gaming.

Tower unite has always been driven by community interaction, whether it be the minigames, condos, or
even in the plaza, my best experiences happen when players are interacting in some sort of way. So why is it when the devs are on a lot of the time players are talking at the devs?

Perhaps we could all have fun together, perhaps the devs could flick some plaza minigames on or have some kind of special dev event games such as the dev/s playing Simon in Simon says or even hosting a competition; the possibilities could be endless. This could be really cool and fun, I remember back in the day when Mac would flick on minigames one after the other, It was for testing purposes of course; however, it was fun and I miss it with full honesty.

Lately I just wanna play the game to decompress and chill, and I don’t really wanna do any community wide events on the server. Occasionally I do start minigames and such, but we also have to make more fun ways to interact with people in the Plaza.

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I find the items that let us do unique things with others were a good start.
To be honest I had a funky dream about Tower Unite that had a cool idea within it.

The idea was a sort of consumable placable, that would plop a bucket full of water balloons on the floor.
Interacting with it, would force you into a player-made minigame for 3 - 5 minutes. The bucket would have a mini leaderboard above it, tracking who was currently playing and their score. Players who join would be forced to equip a throwable water balloon, with the aim to hit players who were also playing with it. You’d run out eventually and have to run back to the bucket to replenish, in a sense letting the players create their own arena wherever.
Once the timer ended, all players would have the water balloon unequipped and the bucket will become empty. It’ll remain there for 20 seconds to let the players look at the score before promptly phasing out of existence.