SponsorBlock for media players

This would be so nice to have for YouTube. This automatically skips stuff in videos like;
-Sponsored segments
-Filler Tangent/Jokes
-Intermission/Intro Animation
-Reminders to subscribe

This would be such a QOL for everyones watching experience

It would be great if it was available as an option, but yes, I would like this too. I just doubt it will happen.

Preferably replace Chromium Embedded Framework entirely with something Mozilla-based

Not sure how feasible though


Is there an option for misleading adverts?

While this is definitely nice and I encourage everyone to block and skip advertisements, Tower Unite is using YouTube’s API which comes with certain rules you have to follow regarding how you use it. Probably wouldn’t work out.


Either the API doesn’t work or TU’s decoder is outdated because I know of several videos that return a playback error and can’t be watched in-game via Chromium


Sad, but that’s what I thought. They most likely just wouldn’t be allowed to do that and if they tried, PixelTail could likely face some consequences that I don’t wanna imagine/think about.