Spin To Win

Not gonna lie i have put so much money into spin to win. Just to get the dang Bubble Gun. I even won a shrine before I did the bubble gun. I know its all RNG. But come on man I just want to blow some bubbles :frowning:

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to win at the spin, you must become one with the spin


I made my shrine into Billy Mays.

I am one with the bleach

For real though. I dont know how you got all that money to do that but I cant even get over like 30k. H e l p . T e a c h m e plz


I got to the point there are very little items I want to buy, but I still play minigolf and stuff
that money isn’t from the spin2win, lol. That thing always takes your money

It might aswell be called the “Spin to Lose”

Should be called “Spin to try winning something at very bad odds”

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You got it

Plot twist, the win part is really about the house winning.

I haven’t even gotten a flamingo or pile of gold yet, whenever i’m close to gold I get ripped off and brutally scammed by the potato :DD