Spin to Win Weights Should be Lowered

I know the weights system is in place partially to prevent people from getting a bunch of really good items, but i mean. The weights system is a bit extreme at the moment. I’ve now, at the time of posting this, just gotten a streak of 7 hula dolls in a row, before getting 3 nothing’s in a row and a couple random potatos. The only good item i’ve gotten in the entire time i’ve played TU is a bubble gun, about a week ago. So, of course don’t nerf the system completely, but it’d be nice to at least lower it a bit.


I’ve done it about 20 times
and i got lucky. Cactus, then 5 catsacks, then projector. also the devs need their ingame money :frowning:

Uhm, i dont exactly think there is a physical weight on the wheel, since the physics engine wasn’t exactly made for such things,

Anyway the prize you get from the spin to win wheel is predetermined the moment you activate it, how it calculates what to give you i have no idea, could be a table where the possible rewards are listed where each of them have a set percentage by the devs or something else.

That spinning animation is just there for it to look nice, and to make it look realistic.
Which means even if the animation bugs out and ends before it lands where it suppose to you still wont get the thing itl naded on because the reward you would get was predetermined.

I didn’t mean physical weight. I ment that some are more prone to being landed on than others (a weights system, that’s a way of saying it). The weights that are currently in place are kinda extreme imo.

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That’s usually a called a formula, which is used to pick what you are gonna win.
And higher prizes will have a smallar value/percentage/something.
I mean it wouldn’t be fun if you had a 20% chance of winning either nothing or 20% chance for winning a shrine that resells at 150k units, a large mount of gold, an expensive bubble machine or some other super expensive item.
Then all the fun would be taken out of it, which is why higher prizes are harder to “win”

I think you’re misunderstanding @The_Sink_God here. He wasn’t saying that we should change the fact that some items are harder to get than other. He was simply suggesting that the rarer items could get a slight increase in chances since at the moment it seems like he’s only getting the worst possible roles.

This is most likely really easy to fix as this “formula” usually has a single value for each item that can be altered.

Personally I agree with @The_Sink_God since I’ve somehow managed to get 7 Absolutely Nothing’s in a row, followed by 6 Hula Dolls. It took me 50k to get my first non-junk item, and even then I only got the bubble gun.


Uhm no shit?
And no im not misunderstanding him, otherwise my first response wouldn’t be why the chances to win a high value item that sells for 150k is so extremely low.
(sidenote: it’s because it’s worth 150k when you resell it)

Anyway sometimes the system that determines what you get decides to “favor” you in the sense that you get alot of good results, it’s sadly completely random.
Hell i have had times where i got a lot of good items with high value and then other times where i got almost nothing.
Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t.