Spin to Win - Seasonal Item Change

The thread title says it all.
It would be neat, if the spin to win could change to something different at every season change.
Currently it didn’t take too long to get all the items on the wheel, and it would be really great with some special items, only available at a special time of the year from the wheels.

Example on what it could be:
Winter - Christmas & snow items added
Spring - Special Garden items added
Summer - Beach items added
Fall - Halloween & special garden items added

Good day TU.

(GET IT?? TO U? haha…)

I like having a change once in a while :slight_smile:

Although I think it should remain the same for one of the seasons.

I believe this has been suggested. They’ve noted it but mentioned it wouldnt be a high priority.

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If you changed them around a bit, S2W could actually be a neat way of distributing select event-exclusive items when the events aren’t happening, like if you spun it during Winter you could get Halloween event items.

i’m pretty sure in gmod tower you had a chance of getting event exclusive items when it isn’t the event