Spin to Win Revamp

I was going to suggest this later, but I cant sleep so I’m just gonna do it now. so, I was playing spin to win earlier and I thought "man, it would be cool if there were more items on the wheels but idk how that would work ", and then I had a MASSIVE, HUGE brain idea;

Instead of having the wheel have the same few items on it, it could be segmented by item rarity; very common, common, rare, etc., the same ones as on the board in the spin to win room. You could also give each of the segments different scales, to show that some are more rare visually (very common’s space is larger than rare’s, etc.).

When you spin the wheel, it will spin twice. The first spin will choose the rarity of the possible items, and then the second roll will make ~8 (idk i just picked that number) random items of that rarity from a pool of items appear on the wheel. When the second spin is complete, you’ll get the item it lands on. (also to make the wheel changing make logical sense it could just be a screen or something)

Here are some very cool illustrations that I drew with my tablet to demonstrate this;

Also, a couple of other things I thought could be cool;

  • A high roller version of the spin to win that has a higher chance of landing on more uncommon rarities
  • Wheels based on Halloween/Christmas that appear in the casino during those events and give items based on those holidays

(sorry if this didn’t make much sense, im tired)

spin to win needs more variants.

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Another idea as well: The devs could make multiple variants of the wheel with different prizes, and simply have a rare “SWITCH WHEEL” option, when once landed on, swaps the wheel out for a random alternative wheel with different rewards