Spin-to-Win Bug

Spun a couple times on Spin-To-Win. The first few spins worked great, and I was successfully rewarded the items I won. After the 3rd spin or so, it happened to land on “Ice Moon Condo”. Got really excited at first, but wasn’t rewarded the condo so I knew something was wrong. The wheel is stuck and infinitely displays “Yoshi SPINNING…”

Video recap: Tower-Unite 2022-10-14 23-04-52 GIF | Gfycat
Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/93J4KpY.png

I am unable to play on other Spin-To-Win wheels while the bug occurs, as displayed in this screenshot:

I should also add, after 30 minutes or so, the infinite spinning bug ended.

During that time, I waited just to see if the Ice Moon Condo would be a delayed reward win, which unfortunately wasn’t the case.

Also had this problem occur with the same item, was really hoping to get the condo :frowning:

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Steam had downtime around that time. I granted you both the condo. Sorry about that.

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Yeah I been having the same issue lately. Happen twice

Sorry that happened. I have granted you the condo. We are actively working to resolve these issues.

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I unfortunately had this happen to me as well. Waited a little bit but it just seemed stuck. Maybe there was Steam issues today too.

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