Spin the Wheel in Casino

I think that you guys should add more than 4 wheels because people are always crowding around the wheels, then people get in front of you and spam it while you’re spinning. And maybe add some sort of line/turn function so you’d have to sit in a line until it’s your turn to spin.

Edit: Also make it more fair maybe? :wink:


I think the whole point of the odds being weird is part of the charm of the Spin The Wheel :wink:

But I agree, more than 4 wheels is a must. I’m guessing there was less on GMT because of the Source engine limitations or something.

Only having 4 wheels was a pain in the ass.


Maybe a timelimit to how long you can use it again.
So if you spin the wheel, maybe then you have to wait 20 seconds, gives other people a chance.

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