Spicing up your forum profile with pictures

In the mood for sprucing up your profile and don’t have a clue on what dimensions to use? You have the habit of making sure that everything is perfect and you upload the photo to find out it does not fit. Well i’m here to help you with that very problem.

First off, you have two images you can have, a banner for you profile page and a banner for your title card. DON’T WORRY!!! I’ll show you what they look like on the field:

Main Page:

Dimensions: 1110x369

Title Card:

Dimensions: 850x393

As you can see, I have posted the dimension below the corresponding photos with “Dimensions:…” If you would like me to, I can make some templates for you to use.


Here`s mine:

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My user card background is just a wallpaper I found on deviantart, and my profile background is a Steam profile background (seriously? >_>). I think I should change my profile background on this forum to some anime stuffz, since I really want some anime on my total accounts again.
(Yes I’m kind of an anime freak too, dun judge ;~;)

I have Rapture as my background, since I didn’t manage to have anything else well centered haha :slight_smile: I may change it in the future

Sometimes, center is annoying. I tried to add one picture from anime and girl`s head was in half ;_:.

Music related backgrounds for life

Someone made the mistake of telling me that you can use .gif pictures.

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I’m not sure if you can use gif’s for icons but you can use them for backgrounds :smiley:

You can use gifs for user cards, check mine.

Yep. Gifs are working, check my profile card.

I know about using them for cards, I was not sure about user icons or avatars or the equivalent to the picture within the circle next to your name.

Huh. I wondered what those profile cards were. Well, now I know.
I guess it’s sort of a way to get an idea of what a person’s like without actually having to go to their profile.

Now that I have had a few days to play around with the software, I would say it is better, but their are some elements from smf that i will miss like the ability to add your steam banner or any other network that updates on what you are doing. And something distinguish that you are a donor. But this forum overall beats get over looks and presentation.