Speed lines not showing up

For some reason speed lines are not showing up for some people, but they are for others. If it helps, I’ve been using the steam workshop cars and use DirectX 10

Isn’t there already speed lines? You can see them here.


That’s odd… could they have been somehow removed with the new update? I don’t remember seeing them when I played earlier. I’d check but its 4 am and my pc is already off. When I have time tommorow I can check and possibly change this post to a bug report.

They seem to still be there for me.

I can confirm I’m one of those people who doesn’t get speedlines either for some reasons

I tried re-creating it and I still have no speed lines:

I’m gonna see if I can change this post to a bug report, if not I’ll delete and repost this as one

All three of my friends who use Ryzen have said that they are not getting the speedline, so it is most likely the Ryzen CPU is the cause of the problem.

This bug still seems to exist.

Speed lines are getting removed in the next update, so there’s not really much use fixing the bug now (I kinda like the speed lines though so hopefully they just make it a toggle or something)

I thought it was something that could be changed in the settings, but you meant it to disappear completely, I missed that.
Thank you.

I know this isn’t too relevant of information now that it’s being removed, but I’ve found that I can see them on all Low settings, but I can’t at Ultra. Also using a Ryzen CPU.