[Speculation] What IS the Tower?

Is it a power generator for the resort?
Is it where elevator:source takes place? Some sort of a crazy inter-dimensional metaworld??
Is it a secret base of the Illuminati®?

Speculate bellow!
(I’m such a nerd)

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Do you mean the towers in the TU logo? Macd explained its meaning a couple of days ago


No, I was talking about the in-game Tower. (the big building)

Then I think I will go on with the Illoominardy theory

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Obviously secret Illuminati base…

Tower is set in 1700, right?

Obviously, it’s the location of Elevator:Source!

Tower unite is a prison for especially dangerous criminals. They wipe their memory and air drop them on the island, to live out their life.


The tower is where the developers make the world around them. To confuse all of the people who try to enter the tower and stop them, the tower is filled with interdimensional traps and floors that lead to 100 condos, 20 per floor, followed by a crazy elevator that almost kills the player multiple times. Even if the player makes it to the top, they arrive at the wrong floor. They are already inside an alternate dimension where the only way back is back through the elevator. We don’t actually know if there is an end to the elevator. While the normal 5 floors are easily accessible, nobody knows how each condo can fit into such a small, indoor space. Who knows how to reach the developers hidden away in the tower; we know they exist! All we know is that they have complete control over the island, and each of the gameworld dimensions. We are stranded here, with no access to foreign lands, trapped in a virtual world. Once we are trapped, we cannot buy our way out. The local currency is all simulated and created at will. When will we stop this once and for all? The tower is their headquarters where they keep watch over us, keeping us stuck here. Something must be done…

Actually idk, maybe it’s there to make the scenery exciting? :stuck_out_tongue:


so many bumps

The T.O.W.E.R. (Theory Over World Engagement Rules) is a sanctioned test programm related to interaction of a large social variety without clear identity.

TOWER Exists mainly to study human behavior in an enclosed community when none of the humans have the ability to recognize eachother, thus remaining anonymous and antonomous at the same time in a basic social structure of economy and labor (represented by gamemodes excercising focus, reactiontime, difficulty and time-consumption).

While ideas of co-existence have existed prior to the TOWER, it was in the year 2012 that official testing for human anonymous co-existence have been started.

This is stage-2 of the project, after discovery that human behavior in passive enviroments changes rapidly with anonymity of the person, the TOWER is being transferred to a standalone UNREAL ENGINE 4 platform which will allow extensive recording of actions and player data (Accidentally pre-triggered in the latest update, announcing a possible virus scan alarm).

Hence why the tower is about community, tranqulity, YOU.

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