Specialized Keno drawing screens

i did a bit of research on this the moment i heard keno was coming to the casino, and as far as i’ve seen nowhere else does it quite like this, so i wanted to bring a bit of light to it

in a lot of video keno systems i’ve seen, it’s paired with a sort of animated drawing screen where the winning numbers are gradually revealed. however, specifically in my state of michigan, these drawing screens tend to vary greatly and have a bunch of different “themes” to the drawings. below are two examples i managed to find on youtube:

any time i go to a bar and they have keno on one of the tvs, i always find myself mesmerized watching the drawings, despite never being involved in it directly. i’m just brainlessly entertained seeing the numbers pop out with whatever quirky theme they pulled up for the drawing. it kinda gives me similar vibes to bowling screens (something the game already takes humorous jabs at). not to mention that the existing lineup of games and other gags opens the door to a lot of potential themes

tl;dr make the keno screens pretty i think it’d be cool

I think Keno would be great if it was a passive activity in the Casino.
You chose your numbers (or however Keno works) and while you’re doing something else, the drawing happens. The screens could be spread around the Casino and even the Nightclub so you can keep track easily.


i really agree, and better to have ability to buy multiple lines at once.