Special Lobby Condos

Inspired in part by this amazing idea, my idea would bring small, limited condos into the lobby.

I’ve noticed that many people miss the ability to just hop into someone’s condo without switching servers. While interconnected chat is absolutely fantastic, it just isn’t quite the same. Then I thought, with the advent of condo layouts, why not have a few purchaseable in lobby?

These would have heavy limitations compared to normal condos. For one, the build area would have to be limited to the plot of land. For two, there would certainly need to be an item limit. For three, the same problem as GMT’s condo system exists; namely, if someone already occupies it you’re out of luck. For four, there would probably need to be items that cannot be placed in lobby condos due to performance cost (for example, fog machines).

The purhcaseable condos would be small areas scattered around the lobby. For example, one of the beach huts in the new area behind bowling. If it’s vacant, you can buy the plot of land or just check in if you already own it (plots of land are also sold at the realtor if you want to buy it but someone is currently occupying it), perhaps using a CondOS system somewhere in the condo. Once you occupy a vacant lobby condo, the item layout you had would load in and you could get decorating like any other condo (with the previous limitations, of course). Check out by leaving the predetermined area (this area being a fair bit bigger than your build space), killing yourself, or checking out with the same thing you used to check in (again, a CondOS system could work well).

This would probably be hard (if not impossible) to implement, but it might make the lobby even more interesting. Obviously to get the most out of a condo you need to do a server-based one, but this might make for some nice micro-builds.


Good idea!

Definitely a cool idea, but I doubt it’ll ever be feasible. I do miss just walking into peoples rooms.

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