Special event days

to start i checked search and the threads i saw were not the same as this idea that i could find at least.
So in the Pixel tail games discord we were talking about event days, these are days with special events that happen, kind of like the Christmas and Halloween events, but only on one day and not through a month or so.
If you have any good ideas for days that would be cool to be in then submit them here.

A April fools day event where each year something stupid happens in game on the 1st of april, like everyone stuck with an afro or something.

A “magic day?” event where you have a wand and can casts spells in the lobby. - (From Roman / Demoncyborg)

A event like the Saxxy awards for workshop creators or condos? - (from Stoneman)

A happy hour event with a exp boost (maybe every day has a hour with the boost or just a certain day in a week or month?) - (from roman)

A Darkmoon faire / german market / car-boot sale where there will be stalls and such all over the plaza (removing the fountain for a day to have more area) with the stalls / cars selling exclusive items (like golden catsack at high price or items you cant get outside that day), or normal items but at lower price - (from me / Demoncyborg)

A Friday 13th day when ever its Friday 13th zombies and skeletons invade plaza and you can kill them for free rewards like units or items or just walk past and ignore them

A Cat and Dog day, on the days 8th august (cat day) and 26th of august (dog day) the plaza is filled with the cat or dog and you can talk to them and pet them and get items and such.

A day every month where you fish and at the end of the day (you can submit your fish whenever) the winners will be announced on a bulletin board type thing in the lobby for who has the best and who has the most fish, and they will automatically receive a award for winning.

on the cats and dogs day, planet panic payouts should increase by 25 percent.


I’ve always wondered if the stores in the plaza are ever going to have discounts.

on Hot Dog day, Franky will officially sell hot dogs

they plan to, but i think they are going to work like the other events where they happen for 10 minutes and then can start up again a few hours later, at least i think its like that.

On these special sale days i would like the idea that where things are being sold a lot cheaper than normal sale events, it will be constant for a whole day and it will be a lot cheaper than normal, like a 5K item will be like 1k or something stupid like that. and also you could sell items for more than usual like at 75% of normal price rather than 50%.

survey says yes

nice, although them events mentioned are more to be in TU when the game releases.
these events are ones that will be post early access, their purpose imo will be to bring people back after they have played and done most of the normal game stuff, just special days that will be there and added randomly after the game is “done” enough in the eyes of the devs.

Building Day- players are granted the ability to place furniture items around lobbies, perhaps with an upper limit

Far Away Adventure- A portal appears in the plaza. Players can group together and go on a little adventure with (a chance of obtaining?) special rewards at the end. During the adventure, equipable weapons are used to fight enemies, if there are any. The adventures might have varying themes, feature puzzles, be scary (for Halloween, for example), etc.

Plaza Raid- some kind of creatures periodically spawn around the plaza and players have to fend them off using the equipable weapons

Competition- Players get randomly assigned into colored teams, which then compete for the most units/exp gained during the event. The winning team gets rewarded. Also, others way of scoring could be used.

Election Day- Mock elections are held and players try to persuade others to vote for their preferred side. The elections regard everyday topics most people have an opinion on. (Kinda like Splatoon’s Splatfests)

Card Collecting- Cards of various designs start appearing all around the game. Players can run over them to pick them up and perhaps trade them. If a group of players assembles a complete collection between them, they can collectively turn the cards in for a prize. (With a limit on the max group size)

Activity Frenzy- An activity gets selected to pay out extra. When the bonus ends, a different activity gets selected.

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I’d say have a Thanksgiving day or days in November where the plaza is not only decorated for fall but there’s cornucopias everywhere as well as turkey npcs you can talk to.

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I would rather slowly grind off my teeth with sand paper than have that malware updated to my PC


Wow @Lemon is Anti-Thanksgiving confirmed