Spawn protection in planet panic

I played planet panic for the 2nd time today, and i noticed that two players from the enemy team would camp beside our spawn and just shoot directly are the spawn points, we didnt have a chance. The time it took to look at them was enough for them to already have killed us. We could not drive/hover away too, because they still managed to kill us faster.

An alternative would be more spawnpoints.


To be honest, spawn protection would be OP as if they come into your base and destroy you and they are collecting orbs, you spawn with god mode and rek them. There should be a spawn delay by like 1-2 seconds, or on a bigger map there could be different spawn points that don’t cause such a big advantage or disadvantage.

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Glad i proposed more spawn points then x). Another alternative yet again could be a spawn in which enemies cant go inside(like in tf2), and the place where you put/collect the balls is just outside.