Sparkler no longer works while playing games

Up until the hotfix today, you were able to doodle with the sparkler toy while playing games where you sit in a chair (Silver Saddles, Bingo, etc.). Now you can’t?

Steps to Reproduce

Equip sparkler, start playing a game where you sit down to play like Silver Saddles, and try to doodle with it.

What I expected to happen

Sparkles where I’m looking while I’m clicking.

What happened

Sparkles only appear in a single spot directly above character’s head, instead of where you’re aiming/drawing.

Notes / Media

This isn’t that serious of a bug, but a bit disappointing. I enjoyed using it while waiting for rounds to finish, and it wasn’t hurting anyone else’s experience since the sparkles don’t reach far enough to get in the way of other players’ view.

You normally can’t use distracting milestone items/toys in plaza interiors by default, the sole exception being the Bubble Gun

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Sparklers still work just fine while in interiors, it isn’t one of the blacklisted toys, and you can still use it while playing Bingo/Silver Saddles/etc., it just isn’t working properly while sitting like it was before the hotfix on the 20th.
Anyway the sparkler only reaches about a foot away from your character, so it couldn’t reach remotely close enough to anyone to distract them.

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Glow sticks too.