Space Station House


I would love to see a space station home for tower unite as its just so wacky and cool that people (i think) will love sincerely Tsume :smile_cat:
picture for reference.


Uh, YES!


Your suggestion is not bad, however we have a megathread for condo designs/ideas.


Yes please! Star treck, star wars, star base, lost in space! anything spaced out for me! My hubby mentioned it first and I love the idea! had to see if any one else had it too:)


“2 Years later”


Oneslip: The Condo

I’d love a floating in space condo, as long as I can adjust gravity/choose where there’s gravity, because a game of GravityBall sounds so awesome and I can imagine crazy condos where people are making all sorts of things that would only work in zero G.