Space station 13

In this game, you are an employee of a space station. Your job is to work with other people and keep the station running. Avaible jobs range from janitors and chefs to engineers, doctors, and the command staff, and way more.
Various servers provide different levels of roleplay, from none at all to heavy.
Also, this game’s really complex. Like, dwarf fortress level complex.

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also there are secret antagonists that go pew pew

Dear god I tried this game without any form of explanation or tutorial and it they community just absolutely shit on me for it. 9.8/10 I’m a masochist.

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If you want to start playing the game:
a) read some wiki guides (each server has it’s own wiki!!)
b) pick a server that isn’t shit or heavyRP (the best one would be Paradise station/TG station. If interested in heavyRP, Baystation 12 is the one for you)
c) pick an easy job (Assistant or janitor are the best for newbies)
d) don’t volunteer for antagonist roles

If you want to, I can teach you how to play personally, too :slight_smile:

Looks like its its really hard xD