Source FBX Tool and BSP Proper Tool

##Hey Guys!

I made a few tools for SourceSDK a while back.
I figured I’d release them here for anyone to use if they want.

  • ZFBX: converts source VMF files into FBX / T3D files so you can easily port them to Unity / Unreal.
  • ZBSP: converts brush models into .mdl files, optionally defers entities into a separate .BSP Lump to cut down on entity limits.

I claim absolutely no warranty on these tools
I am not responsible for any damage either of these tools might cause to your machine
SourceSDK is property of Valve Software Corporation

Download ZFBX Here
Download ZBSP Here

I included readme files. so read them for usage info.



Thank you @Zak for releasing this!

ZFBX might be useful for me, thanks

That is awesome, nice work and thanks for sharing!

What’s up with the legal disclaimer?

Just covering his ass if it happens to destroy someone’s stuff. He’s saying that in that event, he isn’t responsible. It’s typical on almost all pieces of software you download.


Oh okay thanks :slight_smile: