Soundtrack now on Soundcloud!


Tower unite OST now on Soundcloud! Go nuts:


hey… thats pretty good


That IS Pretty good


this is like really really really very extremely pretty good


This is wonderful. Pure mp3s and bandcamp are really inconvenient players for someone who mainly uses Soundcloud. Thanks!


Will the music for zombie massacre ever be posted?


once its done, still working on it


you’re doing a great job William.


LC Ghost01 is me. Are you sp00ked?


How do you even make these by yourself?!


Thanks, now I can go insane listening to virus music all day.


Will the halloween minigame events music be added too?


ballrace summit hurts my ears


Think the Virus Waiting for players is slowed
That’s totally fine but there’s a sudden pause in the middle


Plaza Track 07 :heart_eyes:


Does listening to the soundtrack on Soundcloud still support Will?


Yes! I only get about a cent per play, but at least it’s something.


I listened to Planet panic MainRound and instantly thought of kahoot
Now that I think about it, I think pretty much every song sounds like something out of kahoot


Glad it’s officially on the platform i use to listen to music :heart:


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