Soundproofed Walls / Building Blocks

So in my highrise I have THIS

and I was wondering if there could be a wall that muffles sound because obviously, this is a quiet corner. I know a like studio apartment with a “soundproof” room is being made, but what if there was actual functionality? I know that if it was loud in my condo, a little soundproof room would be nice. It would block voice chat and maybe some SFX that may be potentially loud. Sounds from inside the room would be slightly lower volume, too.

I think rather than having sound proof walls we should be able to choose kind of an Area of effect where people only can hear if they go close enough to whatever makes the sound.

I think making actual sound proof walls would be very difficult, but what do i know.


No point for this feature.

idk man a way to block mic audio through walls would be pretty sweet.

How would that be useful? Do you actually need to silence people behind walls? Maybe if you were doing for example 2 teams for something and wanted to talk in game about what should you do n stuff, doing quiet corner would divide players from themselves, I already feel empty in most of condos.

I mean, you might not see the point in it, but I’m sure plenty of people can think of awesome ways to incorporate sound proofing into their condos. I imagine it’s mainly an immersion thing, but why not :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this mainly so that I can make the theater room soundproof from people on the mic outside my theater. No more of hearing what people have to say, in the other room, over my youtube video.