Sound for Workshop Models

I hope we can have sounds to the models. I faved all of the Klonoa models for later future.

I don’t know about this, this could easily end up bloating the file size of these models, and people could deliberately add annoying sounds and voices to bother people.

If this idea does get in, i’d highly recommend adding in the option to disable hearing custom sounds.

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Agreed. Maybe I can honestly suggesting sounds only in my following:

  • Jump
  • Get Hit
  • Death
  • Drunk
  • Winning or Losing
  • Chatting

Long length sound file can be irritating at times, I also suggest submitting small sound files to avoid any noises that annoy us.

Maybe this idea alone will avoid bothering people.

After searching this it seems it’s already in the works?
i’m pretty sure i’ve seen it floating around somewhere in the discord, at least.