Somthing like the indigogo before tower unite comes out

maybe for all the new people that are on tower like me. we can do soming close to launch of tower unite we can donate sort of like the indigogo.

Pixeltail already have gotten the development money they need to create the game. You can support them when it comes out in Early Access Mid 2016 by purchasing a copy.

i know but there has to be quite a few people like me that joined 2 weeks late and are very mad they cant have any of the doner items from indigogo any more

Unfortunately, its the early bird catches the worm scenario. Donors to GMT I believe get a couple “thank you” items (Donating Prior to the Indiegogo), but as far as the items given away to Indiegogo backers, those aren’t available. Don’t know what else to tell you.


The donor items are not that great even. I think I got shoes that make me slightly faster. And some others got a gun that turns stuff gold. Which sounds fun, can get old real fast I imagine. You won’t have any lesser of an experience for not having those items. Will people be showing them off and bragging about them when you join? Yes, they well. They do it all the time in GM Tower so expect that to carry over. But so what?

Don’t get mad that the game maker isn’t giving out participation ribbons to late comers. Just except that you lucked out. And save money for that next indiegogo or Kickstarter game you have eyes on.

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I donated up for the Golden Watch, which includes the shoes, but I doubt I’ll even use them anyways if there’s going to be nicer things like roller skates in the stores.

im not really mad just frustrated and really sad that i joined late i know i still joined late but still it just really really sucks

Happens, but if it’s any consolation, most of these items are just tacky nicknacks people will ‘wow’ over for a short time before dropping in favour of something nicer from the in-game stores. :smiley_cat:

Well unless you’re like me and you got one of the cool custom rewards : 3

But those are expensive. And I doubt a second funding would be anywhere near successful to be honest. But who knows

If you mean creating an item, or a boardwalk attraction, everyone gets access to them.
Sure, having a specific clothing item you specifically want is nice, but eh. I’d not fork out $200 for it unless it was going to be unique to me.

I only forked out 90 bucks. Shops will say my name or something.

Would a got a statue if I had the spare cash <.<

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i probably would have donated like 200 but i cant sadly i really wish i could tho