Kill me.

Killed you.

Now what’s the plan?

get rid of the body

i’ll get the shovel

I’ll find a convenient place to bury the body where nobody can find it.

good. No one else will know about this
if anyone asks, they went on vacation to the Philippines and got a disease

So I’ve heard you’re hiding a body.

Here’s 5 more.

We could eat the corpse??? Like what are you all doing standing around thinking of what to do with it

CANNIBAL :police_car::new_moon_with_face:

We have dogs for a reason, geez. Don’t be a sicko.

Just get directions to the nearest metal refinery. No evidence no problem.

Now I’m dead, but still in the afterlife. :new_moon_with_face:



*attempts to shoot at the corporeal form of @DungieQwerty3 , but all of the bullets go right through him*

God, you people. Just call the ghost busters.

I swear I don’t know what you would do without me.

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probably resort to cannibalism as our only option, but who knows, we might surprise even ourselves one day.

I’ll haunt you. :wink:

you cant haunt people who are already dead :baby_bottle:

You can only be their buddy. :ghost::beers::ghost:
– Life advice from the fancy ghosts.

There could be only one OG, that is Toasty Ghostie. I need him for his rituals.