Something weird is going on

So i am a reader on r/gamedetectives and i found something that shocked me.

Anyone Remember this?

That was a thread on the old GMT fourms, that as many of you guys know, was a thread to solve and discuss an old GMT ARG. (ARG Definition: )

Then today, i found this on r/gamedetectives:

If you dont know, “YELLOWKING” was a key part in the old ARG.

Also, this YELLOWKING has sent me a freind request on steam too, proof here:

Honestly, As a solver of the old ARG, all i can say is… let the games begin.

Note: This thread is mostly directed for the people at r/gamedetectives, and the old time ARG solvers, all i ask is if you have an opinion about this thread that isnt related to solving or discussing the ARG, make a new thread giving your opinions please.

Edit: I now realize that its probally someone elses doing, so i took out anything relating to massaki for courtesy’s sake, but i still am interested in solving this, so lets keep on searching!


Money glitch thread was locked and unlisted, so I doubt it has significance

He added a couple people today, including me

Well great. I got an invite from him last night but didn’t accept it.

This again. I thought we were gonna be done with this. He already released the story and everything, I’d take a gander to say that either someone else is doing it or he’s just messing around. Also pretty sure that “talk” thread massaki made recently was just a joke, completely unrelated.

Thanks for the input, lemme edit this to leave massaki out of this, sorry for the trouble.

I mean, he did start the thing up, I can see why he’d be involved, but it doesn’t look like it’s him this time

It could be Massaki, but I doubt it. He did all the yellowking stuff via the old gmtower forums rather than Steam, so for all we know it’s just shenanigans.

Edit: Also looked through the Reddit thread; all of those images were taken from the forums too. So yeah, most likely shenanigans.