Something that has kind of annoyed me

This whole rant starts about four or five years ago, (Can’t quite remember when the TU Go fund me started). Me being an avid Gmod tower fan backed TU without a second thought. I had been a fan of gmod tower since 2013 (probably wrong on year but whatever). I had purchased the difference maker perk, which at the time cost $75 dollars. This package came with many cosmetics that most people probably don’t care about, but it also came with a golden brick that would be somewhere in the lobby with which would have my chosen name on it. Now this is partly my fault because there was a deadline to submit the names for the backer wall, as well as the brick. My problem started when I messaged Mac (in Q4 of 2016) about the issue, and he quickly responded and said he would get everything fixed. That got dragged on to 2017, where once again I DMed Mac about it, and once again he said he would have it fixed. Now here we are in 2019, brick still not fixed, and Mac doesn’t return my DM’s anymore.

Really I’m making this post to see if I can get a resolution with a bit of the communities backing. The past three years I have been looking to have a single piece of text fixed, and have had zero luck. This is perhaps not the best way to go about resolving the issue, but I feel it’s necessary.

I feel if I have donated $75, this should have been resolved years ago. And I’d honestly like to know community feedback on what other members think (whether or not I should have it fixed, complain about it on the forums, etc, etc)

Thanks for reading my smallish rant.

To be frank, there was a deadline and you missed it. They haven’t made any exceptions for anyone else, why would they make one for you? Besides, Mac has said before, that he eventually wants to reopen the backer panel, so you may still have a chance.


Yes that is a valid argument, and I would have been fine if that was the response I had gotten when i originally DM’ed Mac. But he said otherwise. Also I wouldn’t be the only person to have updated backer names for a brick or backer panel, there have been a few others from what I have been able to find.

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Sorry, I was meant to reply to your most recent DM, but I forgot to get to it as I was busy setting up my fixed computer and the notification cleared itself.

Johanna has updated the backer bricks, but it unfortunately won’t be in as that build was already sent off. Eitherway, from all our emails and messages back and forth, you gave me three different backer brick names to change to and we’ve been busy. Things like this just slip through because we’re not really updating backer bricks anymore. It takes time to do it and we have to update the textures and everything each time. But it’ll be finished. We did have the deadline for this very reason, and I know you’ve been contacting us for awhile now and each time you do I bring it up.


Completely understand, and I’d like to apologize for any confusion on my end.

Just confirmed with Johanna that the brick is updated for the next update.