Something that happened at my University today

Earlier today, I get a text from a friend on campus (I was home for the weekend) saying that there was two armed men on campus at the student union. I immediately checked social media and everyone was talking about it. I called my brother who was on campus at the time to make sure he was okay, he had just woken up and had no idea it was even going on.

The entire police force was there searching for these gunmen who were reported to be wearing all black with masks. It was even on CNN and of course all local news. However, they couldn’t manage to find the gunmen. Then they lifted the campus lockdown with no reported arrests.

I am in the TV program at my college and we have a GroupMe chat for all everything related to the schools TV program. A girl writes in the chat that it was some of her friends. They were working on a short film for a film festival. They were dressed as ninjas and didn’t have any guns, it was a tripod.

TL;DR my school was attacked by ninjas.


This is like the South Park episode

Do you think this could be found on the CNN website?

There you go @MaskedKatz although I never did see a report about it after it was confirmed to be a false alarm.

Oddly enough, we had an actual armed man on campus in December that caused a huge deal. That’s why everyone was so on edge about this one.

This is hilarious.

How could they mistake two girls and a tri-pod for two men and guns? Lol, this must have been amusing.