Someone explain the servers

  1. What Is the point of people making their own servers? It just divides people who play the game from playing with eachother.

  2. How many dedicated servers are there going to be and how many people can join them.

  3. Last stream I saw you guys hosted mini golf servers. Will people be able to host specific gamemode servers when the game comes out? If so that completely kills the social aspect of the game because instead of exploring, talking and waiting for the queue you can just insta join a server. Also if this minigame server thing is going to be in the game. Whats the point in the game worlds? No one would go there if they could just join a server.

From all the discussion that has been around in the forums about the topic, here’s pretty much the answers to the questions:

  1. There will be multiple ways for a person to host their servers. From having a personal dedicated server to steam servers. This was there are a much bigger number of servers to pick from, as well as making community servers able to have their own plugins, workshop items, and etc.

  2. There will probably be a few hosted by Pixeltail, but other than that, everyone can pretty much host their own dedicated server, as answered above.

  3. Being able to go directly to a game world right now is probably just an alpha thing. Even if people weren’t able to host the game mode directly, the queque system in Tower from what has been shown is much more instantaneous, making matches able to be started at any point.

Hope this helps. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Some people doesn`t know how to speak English so they want servers with their language.

PixelTail hosted server will be ‘ranked’, which allows you to progress and earn in-game cash.
Player hosted/Community servers can have their own custom content, mods, etc, but will have a seperate inventory for that specific server. As in, you can’t get free stuff by joining a community server then going back to ranked.

TL;DR your real game progress will reside on the official PixelTail servers, whilst you can join community servers for mods and fun.


To add to this, Player Made servers can also be made Ranked, and will sync “official” units with other ranked servers. However, players also have the option to make them unranked, which allows the custom content.

So just because you host your own server, doesn’t mean you are completely disconnected from the rest of the game’s ecosystem and economy.

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What are you talking about?

I mean: Russian won`t understand spanish.

Imagine this pretend situation:
You only speak English.
Tower Unite is primarily made and played by Russians.
You really want to play this game, but the only servers are hosted in Russia.
In turn, most people in the server will be speaking Russian, and you don’t understand any of it.
Social aspect is ruined for you.

With players being able to host their own servers, anyone from around the world can experience the game with people they feel comfortable around and understand.

Also, there’s a better chance of people finding server that are closer to where they live, so they don’t have to deal with 300 ping, and can enjoy sub 100 ping gameplay, too.

You could say the same about Counter-Strike, TF2, Black Ops, Day of Defeat, Garry’s Mod, etc. Some people want to either offer better connections to other countries (Russia, etc.) or roll their own mods.

Depends on how many people host them. I know PixelTail will be hosting some “official” ones, but it will run very much like Rust’s system, where there are Official, Community Official, and Modded servers. The latter doesn’t sync your progress, though, it’s contained only in that server.

Slow down, there. This is an alpha. This game is nowhere close to done. The public beta (Early Access) doesn’t start for four months. We have a long way to go. But to answer your question, we have dedicated game world servers specifically for the alpha so we don’t have to go through five extra steps to load a game world for testing. Once we get closer to beta, we’ll probably lose the ability to make game world servers and will instead have to open entire Tower servers.

It’s a work in progress, don’t jump the gun. :wink:

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I skimmed over this topic, so sorry if I repeat anything someone has said about this.

  1. People from around the world can host. This makes it possible to always play Tower, even if we’re no longer supporting it. There’s a couple things at play here for the decision behind this:
  • Unlike other virtual world-esque games, we want to do something different. We want players to be able to be the host. We want people to mod, share, and enjoy the game in different ways and languages.
  • This completely removes our burden to host a massive amount of servers around the world.
  • If you have terrible ping with the official servers, you can create/join one that won’t.
  • People can manage their Tower servers the way they want.
  • Friends will always be able to find friends, division is not the goal. We are still going to host our own dedicated servers, but I am willing to bet that other servers will become more popular than ours. However, all the ranked servers will share your profile and progress.
  • I suggest you read our FAQs and our item provisional to understand what the difference is in ranked servers.
  1. We don’t have any public announcement about this yet.

  2. Right now, because we’re in alpha stage, you can list and join a minigolf game from the main menu. That is not going to be in the final game. In the final game, you will go to the Game Worlds section in the Lobby map, start a queue and ask players in the Lobby to join. From that point on, we’re still discussing the possibility of letting players host the Game World instance. You won’t have to wait for the server to empty up, it’ll just create a new server and host a Game World. However, Game World servers will not be available to join from the menu (unless you got disconnected from it).

This is our basic gameplay flow: