Some suggestions with Best Times

1. think it would be useful for speed-runners and people who want to get faster at Ball Race, if there was a popup at the start showing your best time on that level. Also, if you don’t beat your best time, it should show your your current best after you complete the level.

2. What could also happen is it would compare your best time with the one you just got on a specific level, with -[Seconds] or +[Seconds].
(E.g best time is 15 secs but you just got 17, it would put 15 and 17 in a popup of some sort and have a red indicator showing how your time was slower by two)

3. At the end, after all levels are completed, it could show everyone’s complete time playing that map, basically all the times it takes for everyone individually to finish each level added up to give each person a total time.
This could also be added as a Collection book>High-scores>Ball Race section, so people can compare total times as well as individual map times.
For players joining mid game, for the levels they didn’t complete, they could get the full time possible added to their total time
(E.g someone joins on level 2 and they miss level 1, so their total time will be added up however the total length of level 1 is added.)