Some Suggestions for condos!

So, I wanted to present some ideas to be considered for the upcoming patch, and I wanna know what you guys think.

(Credit to SpongePierre, I used his pic here bc it was the best I could find.)

1.) Make the Couch Cubby seatable.

This small little couch built into the Suite, as comfortable as it seems, cant be sat on currently. Its a perfectly good seat, why waste it? If it could be sat on, then that opens up a lot of design possibilities for people when they customize their condos.

2.) Add a Secret Room to some other Condos!

The Suite’s Secret room is really neat, and offers a sort of private, hidden building space for those who wish to utilize it. Other Condos, like the House, Default Condo, Art Studio, and Highrise could benefit from the addition of a secret room. Wanna make a secret club or hide all of your catsacks? With the addition of a secret room, Now you can!

3.) Add some plant decorations!

I’ve noted the idea of having potted plants and flowers as a decoration tool before, but I wanted to dedicate part of this thread to the idea. Most of the assets can just be pulled from grasses and plants present in maps such as Minigolf: Garden, Treasure Cove, Forest, and Waterhole, as well as the Plaza map. Adding these can certainly give players a greater degree of customization for Condos.

That’s pretty much it for this. I would suggest some condo designs I had, but I feel those are reserved for the Megathread. Feel free to comment what you think about these ideas down below!

It’s recommended that you make suggestions into separate threads, since it’s easier for the devs to track them (minus condo design/item suggestions, which should go into their respective megathreads).

The Suite secret room was just added because it initially had a bug that let you clip out of bounds where the vent was, and a ton of people built in there. Not saying adding secret rooms to other condos is a bad idea (although Highrise already has the sub-basement anyway), just giving a reason why.

Understandable. I just didn’t want to spam the forum, and I feel that the topics will be better noticed here in their own thread rather than get drowned out in a sea of comments in the Megathread.

But I want to find the regular basement!

Woah, someone is in a hurry…

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Yes, I’m working on a couple rooms that could use some potted plants to fill in those awkward corners. As for my recommendations: couple of ferns, cactuses, and some bonsai trees! :smile:

We plan to add a plant store.

That’s possible.

We have thought of a secret room item; Lifeless made a prototype so maybe that will happen one day.


Neat! I’m glad to hear a plant store is in the works. The seatable couch cubby will be handy as will the other secret rooms.