Some questions

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Do you guys have a trello page where we can find what you guys are working on, what have been done etc?
Did you guys make some sort of roadmap what you will be working on when, or do you yust figure it out when your done with something else?
how will the server browser be sorted will we search on the ping of the server, will it be possible to search on community made add-ons?Will they be sorted based on the players whom are playing on the server at that exact moment…?
To develop a new custom gameworld/model etc will we need to install UE, will it be only possible to use the blueprints or will we be able to use C++ or some scripting language(e.g.Lua)?
as I said in my introduction I watched your stream yesterday(live the others I watched but not live) and I saw in your google hangout that there was some sort of air hockey table?

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thx for the answers hope to get some more info from a dev member but you already cleared out some things.
yet another question, how and will it be possible to query the servers steam example

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I imagine will have this once we get funding and we can begin to make our developments more transparent.

We keep an internal list of “Things to do” and tackle them as we go.

We aim to make finding the server you want to join as easy as possible.
We will be including extensive search tools to help you find:

  • Servers your friends are playing
  • Servers that are hosting specific mods
  • Servers with lowest pings

We also want to have an Auto-Join feature that simply locates the “best” server relative to your connection and put you in it.

In any server you’ll see NPCs representing your friends current locations in other servers. You’ll be able to approach one of them and through a menu-action of some kind, join there server or pull them into your server (this will be mutually authenticated so that it is an agreed upon action).

We plan to include a custom build of the UE4 editor designed for modding.
C++ modifications might not happen as they may present a security issue (DLLs).
So we may just make it blueprint exclusive (with a bunch of added utility functions to make it more powerful).


Thanks :smiley:


so you actually have planned out already what things has to be done.

good to know but:

I’m not familliar with blueprints however it looks verry limited and unsorted if you want to make new gamemodes/gameworlds, is it?

awesome air hockey here I come :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Blueprint is not limited at all. Blueprint is extremely powerful. A lot of the gameplay we make is done in Blueprint.

Also, yeah, we have everything laid out on a roadmap.

nice and as I said I’m not familiar wih blueprints good to know it is extremely powerful.
and can we see the roadmap or will this be kept a secret till after the funding

We’re gonna wait until after we get funding :smile: