Some questions about Tower Unite

Here’s some questions i’m going to really want to know.

  1. Is the game going to be free to play, or do you have to pay for it?

  2. If question 1 is correct, will you keep your donator rank?

  3. What engine will the game run on?

  4. Will it be a small game, as in under 5 gb, or a big game that might be more than 7gb?

  1. The game is going to be $15 at launch, BUT there will absolutely be NO microtransactions or paid DLC in-game. Pay once, play forever.


  3. Unreal Engine 4.

  4. Hard to tell at this point, though we’ll try to make the game as small as possible.

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I have a feeling this game will be bigger than 5 GB for sure.

Most likely bigger than 10 GB as well. I’d go for about 12 GB or 10,5GB.

Hopefully not another GTA5, 61GB lol!

  1. No, the game will cost $15.
  2. There is no donator rank or any microtransactions. And according to previously accumulated information, if you donated for VIP, you will get a %10 off discount. (Don’t count me on it though.)
  3. Unreal Engine 4
  4. Not sure, but it’ll definitely be bigger than the 70 addons pack for GMT.

“I’m not entirely sure if GMTower donators/Indiegogo backers will get a special rank/item in Tower Unite, but we’ll work that out once we get closer to launch.”

aw JEEZ i forgot about that, thank you