Some pictures of the Virus crossbow

I know this crossbow has been public knowledge for a while, but I figured some people might want to know what it looked like! ( Taken from Matt’s personal portfolio ;3 )



Looking at these images made me think: what does this crossbow fire?
After all, some games depict crossbows firing arrows, but others show them firing other projectiles.

Look at Half-Life, it’s crossbow shot tranquilizer darts, and Half-Life 2’s shot heated up pieces of rebar.

Just a stupid question that popped up in my mind. :blush:

Pretty sure the crossbow in Virus was meant to fire explosive 1-hit-kill arrows, since I have a vague memory of this being said. I could be wrong though.


It wasn’t just said, it was in-game during the alpha virus weapon test.

It got removed because bugs or something, IIRC, so never made it into the playable stage of Virus.


Wow! its amazing. Looks so cool!