Some of my condo items gone!

When I went into my condo, some of my items were gone!
That includes my sofa, bed, piano, obama and even the ball race bumper!
I would greatly appreciate it if someone could look into this matter.

P.S.: I thought it was a bugged so I used the “clean up” function but the missing items do not show up in my vault! Please help!

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@macdguy Should be able to fix it.

Have you tried Restarting G-mod. Could just be a bug that the items are there but cant see them.

I did restart GMod, still gone. :frowning:

Hmm. Well then lets hope Mac or someone can fix it for you

I really hope so…
I spent so many hours trying to get them and they just disappeared :frowning:

One of the meany reasons Tower is moving to unreal… Source/G-mod is buggy as hell

also I’ve noticed it has become much more laggy now for me :confused:

Just in case you are worried about the items not carrying over to Tower Unite, I believe that your items will still be counted as owned by you by the database, even if you cannot find them in-game.

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Should I move this thread to “Gmod tower - Support and questions”?

Sure, I guess

yeah, this happened to me too in the christmas update, its a problem many people i have, i suggest to people who have lots of expensive stuff to just put these in your safe or sell them because this bug is a giant threat and the devs seem to or not care or not be able to fix that.

i do secretly hope my items are still saved in some sort of database

My items have been missing since February 2015


Or you know, maybe they’re busy making a new game.

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Like I said:

so there’s no need to sell your items.

Hopefully we can get some from of confirmation from the admins

oh yeah like i definitly didn’t mean that ._.

yeah, the devs should tell if there’s an actual database instead of just people “believing” it

I got the same problem as you. I have post on the GMT forum in July, TU forum in August, send mail to the devs, ask for help to some mods in game and now we’re in january and still nothing…

I don’t care of not having the items back in Gmod Tower but I do want them in Tower Unite ! I don’t want to loose forever my lobby 1 plate wich is going to be the rarest trophy of Tower Unite :confused:

correct me if I’m wrong, but:

Garry’s mod is poopy and is having issues connecting to the Database that stores all the information regarding your condo’s layout and contents.
The Database itself is still keeping track of your data and content.
Tower Unite relies on the Database for the big transfer, not Garry’s mod.

They said a while ago if they get funded they will be working full time on TU.
So they are most likely working on TU instead of bug fixes for Garrys Mod