Some More Detail for Loading Screens

Right now, all of the loading screens just say “LOADING (map name)”, with a background image and the logo for whatever activity you’re loading into. This is alright, but some more details such as the map’s description, or even other details like the level count/difficulty would be nice and would give them a lot more character than they do now.

Also, this is a really small suggestion, but replacing the “LOADING” with “Now Entering” or “Visiting” could help a bit to make the loading screens feel more like a smooth transition to another part of the game rather than just loading into another map.

Graphic design is my passion.

I like this.


I think it’d be cool if something like the game-freezing-during-loading notice existed, but it gave little tips or info on controls for the gamemode that’s being loaded. Off the top of my head, something like “Use the C key to quickly activate adrenaline” or “Use the R key to tail whip”, and other things about the mode/characters in that mode, similar to the ones on TF2 loading screens. Not too sure how useful they’d be considering how quick the PAK loading times are, but I still think it’d be neat.

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