Some kind of table which shows .obj 3D models in a hologram fashion

I could have just posted this in the Item Suggestions Megathread, but I wanna give this a bit more detail.
What I am suggesting, is some type of table which can project holograms, and those holograms are .obj files (it’s a 3D model file format). Something like this:

Or you can just select some preset things if you have no 3d models to load into it. For example an earth globe, or a dinosaur, human person, tree…
Along with some other little customization options, like opacity of the hologram, how blurry it is, color of the hologram, color of the table…


This actually sounds really fucking cool.
I do have a feeling I know what I’d do with it…
Undertale plz let me free

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My reply to that second post

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