Some enhancements to hiding objects/items

Hello! I have this specific quirk with using the hide feature, usually to display something or make an interactive condo, that is quite annoying to deal with. As it currently stands using the hide feature through menu or through a connection on an object that has interactive elements in it, such as an arcade machine or tv, will cause the object to work as if it was unhidden. An example of this being a problem is my popup arcade project where the arcade machine are still able to be used despite being hidden. I believe the interactivity, collision, and spacial hitbox of a hidden item should be disabled as if it isn’t there at all until activated. This would make interactive condos a lot easier to make and maintain without going through annoying workarounds Additionally it would be nice for objects to keep their hidden tags upon reload or loading into the condo as right now it will load everything regardless of what state it’s in. Finally a small but not critical issue is that object that are unhidden after being hidden for a certain period of time will have collision not reenabled. Thank you for reading, cheers.

Arcade cabinet is still able to be interacted with despite being hidden (1)

Collision not being enabled again after being unhidden

Objects not keeping their state after reloading

I think this might be a bug? It doesn’t sound like something intentional.

Possibly it could be!

the 1st issue I actually prefer. I think instead you should have a hide option and a disable option for interact-able items because its really useful to have some items you can use despite being invisible. the 2nd one I think is a bug, and the 3rd is more something to handle with I/O, that being said to do this is clunky and I wish we had an “On Load” event on something to easily set states initially.