Some bowling suggestions

Hello, I have some ideas to improve bowling.

Add modes like some games have in the arcade. I think the modes give more variation and because of that People would be less fast bored. My ideas for the mode are:

  • short mode: the same as normal bowling, but with five rounds
  • railing mode: railings apear so you bowling ball does not go in to the gutters. You get less payout
  • short railing mode: railing mode, but with five rounds
  • disco/party mode: the bowling land is purple glowing because of black light and icons like stars, bowling balls, bowling pins and hearts are projected on the bowling lane
  • short disco/party mode: party/disco mode, but with five rounds
  • ice mode: the bowling lane is made of ice and is very slipery
  • short ice mode: ice mode, but with five rounds

Add more bowling upgrades like: wood ball, glass ball, ballrace orb, rainbow ball, disco/mirror ball, soccer ball, basket ball, cosmic ball and a watermellon ball

Give those upgrades exp and achievment requirements like the other upgrades. Give also the already existing upgrades requirements

Another idea is pin upgrades, this is already sugested by @fayedango

Those upgrades give more of a goal to play bowling

More animations
Add more animations that could play on the sreen. Maybe for every number of staying pins around 3 animations.

Also add the ability to walk around if it’s not your turn, this was already sugested by @CloudSky

I’ll bite

Improve the physics so that pins 7 and 10 actually get knocked down more consistently, maybe make the bowling ball hitbox marginally bigger to simulate air turbulence from the ball

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